Life in times of Corona

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The Corona virus is worrying us all. It takes a lot to find the courage to keep going, to know what to hold on to these days. It might scare us and keep us from feeling loved, trusted and secure. Together we have to find our way in this new land for which we're not given a map. I'm Beatrijs Hofland, a Dutch chaplain. My daily work is taking spritual care of wonderful people in the elderly homes I work in. Today I also have my private practice for counseling and coaching.  You can contact me at:


End-of-life rituals 

In these complex times the Dutch doctors asked us to make a manual of rituals for those who can't say goodbye to lovedones and because of the Corona crises can't be personally present. In these sad situations there still is a lot you can do. We have created a manual of rituals. Rituals you can perform together with friends and family, in your own homes and places, distant though connected. We give you some suggestions how to proceed in this. Preparations and steps to be taken, so you can in your own way say goodbye to your lovedone. 

Part A contains a ritual of saying goodbye to a lovedone, for those (caregivers, chaplains*) who are present with a dying patient and are willing to perform a ritual. 

Part B contains the ritual for family and friends in their own homes, who can't be present with their dying loved one. There are tips and directions for what you could do at home. 

We truly hope it can help you through this hard times and help you to find the connection, good faith and hope for the times to come.

  On this page you find the manual (in English):

Instruction video end-of-life rituals:

Beatrijs Hofland is a spiritual counsellor and offers these possibilities:

Fotography credits: Nick Franken

Spiritual care at home

Personal care for people in complex situations, life-events and faith issues. I work in an elderly home and at home. These consults are fully covered by the insurance for people age 50+ and in palliative care, in the Dutch situation. Please contact me for further information.

Care for care givers

For caregivers I provide training and inspirational presentations to make spiritual care a daily habit. For more information please see my website (in Duthc)

More info?

Spiritual care - caring for the soul

Spiritual care (not to be confused whith psychological care) is taking care of you soul. These are big words that can mean a lot in times of illness, crisis of loss. A spiritual counsellor is trained to listend to these big 'life questions', for when life loses its meaning of predictability. In these situations it might help to find someone who listens and has true attention for you own experiences. Someone who asks the following important things:

  • The three cue questions used in the Mount Vernon Cancer Network (England) spirituality assessment tool: 
  • 1 How do you make sense of what is happening to you?
  •  2 What sources of strength do you look to when life is difficult? 
  • 3 Would you find it helpful to talk to someone who could help you explore the issues of spirituality/faith? Source: Mount Vernon Cancer Network. (2007). Spiritual support steering group. Final report on spiritual support. Stevenage, UK: Mount Vernon Cancer Network. 

Together we can find your own unique answers. What really matters to you can form your new roadmap. A map to a new life full of light. Contact.


    Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
    Prevent the dog from barking with the juicy bone.
    Silence the pianos and, with muffled drum,
    Bring out the coffin. Let the mourners come.

    Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
    Scribbling in the sky the message: "He is dead!"
    Put crepe bows around the white necks of the public doves.
    Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.

    He was my north, my south, my east and west,
    My working week and Sunday rest,
    My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song.
    I thought that love would last forever; I was wrong.

    The stars are not wanted now; put out every one.
    Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun.
    Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood.
    For nothing now can ever come to any good.

    [W.H. Auden]


Picto chart (in Dutch) for people with communication disabilities

About me

My name is Beatrijs Hofland and I'm a Dutch spiritual counsellor, working in spirtual care at Groenhuysen, an eldery home in the south of the Netherlands and for my private practice Zingeving op de kaart. I'm specialised in complex life questions, palliative care and oncology. I can communicate with you in Dutch, English and Portuguese.  Welcome!

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